Irresistible North India – Best of the Hot Selling Tours in India

North India Tourism is a singular answer to all your vacation dreams and fantasies. The exceptional features of the North India packages include mesmerizing tourist destinations with majestic monuments, mystic lands where mantras and chants ring in divine spirituality, pilgrimage places that reverberate with incomparable religious fervor situated on hill-tops or banks of Holy River Ganges, frozen landscapes of Leh and Ladakh and perfect desert landscapes of Rajasthan. Ready to impress all sorts of tourists who are here to have a real taste of India, the adventure and tourism options in North India are virtually endless.

India Tour operators are lucky to have their base in a region with such an extensive variety of geographical, cultural, historical, wildlife and architectural features. They can easily design and customize North Indian tour packages to showcase exactly what a particular traveler is looking for based on his or her interests and choices. Whether you are looking for thrill and adventure activities such as climbing snow-clad mountains or conquering white water rapids; witness the ‘Unity in Diversity’ personified at various fairs and festivals of India or explore the richness of Indian spirituality, find peace of mind; benefit from some of the best naturopathic and ayurvedic treatments or find reprieve from the modern life din and pollution in the lap of Nature watching exotic wildlife species, North India brings you a fascinating array of tours and travel options.

The dominant features of North India extend from high Himalayas to Indo-Gangetic Plains. Often Rajasthan, with its desert scenery and imposing forts and palaces, finds place in North Indian itineraries and tour packages, especially in luxury tours of North India. To this day, North India exhibits prominent cultural influences of empires and dynasties that once ruled the land – the most notable ones being Mauryas, Guptas, Mughals and British.

Impregnated with a number of world heritage sites such as the marble wonder Taj Mahal, the Mahabodhi Temple that marks the site where Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment, and the Khajuraho Temples with sensuous sculptures;India is a living example of secularism at its best. The Hindu pilgrimage centers such as Haridwar, Pushkar and Varanasi and Muslim pilgrimage destinations such as Ajmer are some of the most visited tourist destinations in the region.

The spectacular mountain resorts of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir are blessed with outstanding natural beauty and offer a reprieve of cool fresh air to the people of the plains. The crystal clear lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, eye-catching glaciers and popular treks make them stand apart from similar destinations elsewhere. The Golden Temple of Amritsar in Punjab is the most important pilgrimage destination for Sikhs and the mysticism of the place attracts several tourists all the year round. North India tours present you the best tourist attractions of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Rajasthan and even extend to Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgath at times.

The extreme climatic variations of various destinations of India owe themselves to contrasting differences in the altitudes at which they are present and their varying landscapes. Thus, the region of India remains an ideal tourism and vacation destination in all seasons. Whether you are interested in wildlife or humans, art or architecture, Nature or man-made wonders, luxury tours or extreme adventure tours, North India has something to please everybody.